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Scottish Tablet

Please allow 5 working days for production of your order.

Homemade from an age-old recipe handed down in the family.  We can offer you the sweetness of Scottish tablet.   

Traditional Scottish Tablet that will satisfy any Scot or those with a sweet tooth who want to give it a try.  A centuries-old sweet that remains a strong favourite in Scotland. 

Unlike our fudge which is melt in the mouth and creamy, tablet has a much firmer texture. Our Scottish tablet is nothing like the mass produced store bought varieties, none of them can match the quality of homemade.   
We often see other tablet makers who introduce flavours to their tablet....... why?? it doesn't need it, it has its own delicious flavour.


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  • Scottish Tablet
    Scottish Tablet ~ Homemade from an age old recipe handed down in the family.  We offer you the sweetness of traditional Scottish tablet.    A wee Scottish nibble! Traditional Scottish Tablet that would satisfy any traditional Scot or those who want to give it a try.   C..
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